New year newsmakers; Kosmix broadcast on BBC

Steve Jobs for Fortune magazine
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This week San Francisco is playing host to journalists from around the world as MacWorld kicked off and many wondered what the big news would be.  While the announcements weren’t earthshaking (most notably – iTunes will be DRM-free), there was significant discussion about the health of Steve Jobs and his revelation of hormonal issues as the cause for his dramatic weight loss.  Whatever is the culprit, I do hope he has a healthy recovery.  Apple‘s stock has slightly risen – a reflection that pulling the wool over our eyes and saying Steve was simply suffering from a “common bug” wasn’t convincing anybody.

Meanwhile, while in Silicon Valley, Rory Cellan-Jones of the BBC gave viewers an inside peak into the Google campus – lavish in all its amenities and providing all the accoutrements to fill a tech worker’s heart and mind.  Then he popped over to the Kosmix office – quite humble in appearance but formidible in entrepreneurial spirit.  I enjoyed the humility, optimism and sheer determination that was evident in the interview.  Kosmix recently announced the launch of its beta version, as well as a significant new round of funding led by Time Warner.  Their appearance on the internationally-acclaimed BBC News is a great way to start off the new year

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